Edinburgh Art Society

aims to make art accessible to students of all creative abilities and inclinations. Whether you're interested in creating art, writing about art or simply talking about art with like-minded individuals, you've come to the right place! During term time we run a programme of practical art and art appreciation including weekly workshops and life drawing, as well as gallery visits, tours and one off events with art organisations around the city. You're welcome to come along to whatever interests you.


Every Thursday evening during term time we hold tutored arts and crafts classes. Ranging from printmaking to animation, collage to pottery, we’re keen to give students the opportunity to learn new skills. Classes are open to everyone, regardless of ability, but due to space restrictions you may be required to sign up for a place.

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Life Drawing

Life drawing is viewed as a basic tool in any art education, and allows you develop skills applicable to art in many other forms. We run scheduled weekly classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings which include drop-in sessions open to everyone and tutored classes taught by professional artists that run for the length of the semester.

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Art Appreciation

A step away from practical art, our art appreciation activities are for those for prefer contemplating the deep meanings behind art to picking up a paintbrush and getting their hands dirty. With a schedule including private gallery tours and discussion groups, and plans already in place for a student curated end-of-year exhibition, it’s shaping up to be an exciting year.

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